Examples of Corrections

You can choose to have your document edited using GWE's own marking system (explained below), or using the Microsoft Word "track changes" option.

Most customers prefer the Good Written English marking system. It is based on highlighting. One advantage of highlighting (i.e. coloured background) is that it can be removed easily - from specific lines or from the entire document.

Our suggestions are normally highlighted in yellow, except where the suitability of our suggestion may be in doubt (usually because of the specialized nature of a particular subject), in which case blue background is used instead.

Purple/pink or grey highlightling with [square brackets] indicates extra comments and additional suggestions from the editor.

Red highlighting of the original text usually indicates that the sentence or phrase was meaningless to your editor, most often because of a missing or inappropriate word. After reconsideration and alteration of such sentences by the author, they can be sent back to GWE for editing.

Two real-world examples of original text are given below. Each is followed by an edited version. (The names and affiliations are fictitious).

Example 1

Example 2

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